a turning point


So here we are.


A turning point.


This is where you either open that door and enter the new world of wonderland. Or turn back and do what you were doing before.

This is where you either decide to take some action or stay in the place you were, before I started bombarding you with emails.


There is some risk involved and probably some thoughts, like, is my photography good enough? What if people say no? What if I don't sell any photos? What if .....


You know excuses. Nike knows what I mean.

Anyway. If you have come this far with me I can guess that you might have a desire to move forward but i'ts best for me to check just to make sure.


For those of you that have been paying attention, remember back to the first time we met 5 days ago in email one. Where I mentioned that there were these photography roadblocks that hold people back.


Well the time has come where I want to reach out to you more personally. Yes you heard me right this is where you get the chance to talk to yours truly. ;)


This is where I can ask more questions to find out your challenges and the next step you may need to take. So that we don't waste time and I can provide information that you actually care about.


Yes there are more steps in the journey.


Like finding your first photography opportunity, taking photos that sell, uploading your photos and promoting your photos.


It's not a journey for everyone. And if its not for you then you can go and keep doing what you already were doing before. I promise I won't be offended.


But for those of you who are serious about doing more with your photography..... To to keep moving forward you need to click the button below.


Which is a way of saying

"Hey Sarah, I think your cool and would like to know more" (maybe not your exact words but you get my drift).


So I'll try make it real easy for you.



"Na, this is not for me"


Sarah "no excuses" Stambolieff


PS: I get that not everyone is super keen to chat on the phone and maybe I've taken this a little far. I know it will be easier for me to help you if we actually connect, but I will provide an option two, to cater for the more introverted types. This is where you can still let me know your interested by sending me an email. sarah@geosnapshot.com