How to find events to attend


Events are a great way to begin monetising your photography hobby. Local sporting events happen every weekend and event organisers are normally very happy to get some event coverage. Participants love finding photos of themselves from the sports they love. Let us help you find your first event so you can start selling photos online.

Can't seem to find a local event on our calendar?

No worries we can help you source local events so you can start selling your photos today.

Request other photographers to help you shoot your event

I have my own event but need other photographers to help me shoot it. Once you create your event it will show up on our event calendar for other photographers to book on. You can see who registers through your event management page.

I have my own event

Do you have an event to attend? No need to wait, you can create your first event now and start selling your photos online. You can set your own photo price for your events.


Getting permission

Events needing photographers are happening in your area all the time, simply turn up at the event and ask to speak to the event organiser or contact them via email using the template here.

Would you like to know how you can earn more from organising and managing your own events?

Through GeoSnapShot you can earn additional revenue through organising and managing events on our plaform. 

know of a local event not yet on our calendar?

Send us an event lead below and we can contact the organiser on your behalf.


Watch the video below on how to find events online