global opportunities


when I say global opportunity what is the first thing you think of....


How often do you think in the terms of global. How often do you think that you can do something that will impact the lives of others on a global scale?


When I started at Geo I didn't have a global vision of my life or work. 


Now that I've planted that seed. Lets talk about the two camps that most photographers I know (trying to sell their photos) online fall into.


When you think of selling your photos online, what do you think of? 


Most people think of either Stock photography or creating their own website.


This is how I see stock photography working (I’m not speaking from experience but bear with me on this).

As I'm not in this game I'm happy to be proven wrong but this is my perspective.


So you take a great shot of the Harbour Bridge, like not an average shot but a great shot. Then you submit the photo to something like Getty images. And then you're competing with thousands of others who also shot the Harbour Bridge.


Now thats 4060 images and probably 4060 photographers to compete with. Not the best chances of a sale, I recon.


The first image that presented itself when typing in the search word "Harbour Bridge" was priced at $475 (which is not bad for one photo). 


I do wonder how many times that photographer has made a sale and how often. (Like I said I'm not in this game as the odds don't seem like they would be in my favour).


Now let's look at the path of your personal website. I know a lot of platforms that seem to operate this way (wix, zenfolio, imagebreif, wordpress etc). Normally this involves a monthly fee, creating your own brand, creating good SEO (how people will find you). And also competing with the 100,000 other photographers all trying to do the same thing. Not so easy either.


Oh and actually then there is a third camp, Facebook. Like creating a photography business page. Loading photos on there and then asking people out of the goodness of their heart to email you if they would like to buy a photo.

Quite a clunky process if you ask me.


So now that I’ve painted this picture, you may be wondering if there is another way.


Maybe its a new way, or maybe you have thought of this before.


It may not be where the crowd is heading but to give you a clue its to do with memories and sports.


A way to earn more money by increasing your odds and opportunities.


If you have read this far i’ll take that as your still interested in hearing more. But i'll stop for today so I don't bore you.


I’ll explain more tomorrow.


Sarah “global” Stambolieff


PS: No PS today, but thanks for checking anyway.