in the beginning


So every story has a beginning,

Or a beginning story and for GeoSnapShot it involves a whale. Yes, a whale. I guess you didn't expect that...


Andy the founder of GeoSnapShot (Geo is what I like to call us) was swimming with whales off a remote Island called Niue (near NZ)

And this is where he almost got published in the National Geographic. Yep the famous magazine, and yes almost. 

This is kind of a long story but if your someone like me curious to understand the background story then click the link and read on.


My story is a little less inspiring.

Mine started at my brothers soccer game. And yes, I was taking photos, of my brothers (of course) and evidently everyone else. When I noticed a photographer wearing an orange vest. (don't ever underestimate the power of the hi-vis vest)


This led me on the adventure of becoming apart of Geo. You know one of those days that have the power to change the trajectory of your life.


Anyway, Andy and I both are passionate about inspiring people. We want to make the world a better place (sounds corny I know).


But its true, we actually think there are better ways of doing things. We strive to solve problems that it seems no one else is trying to solve.


Andy was looking for an easy way to sell his photos. I was also looking for an easy way to sell photos (actually thats not true) I wasn't looking, but it found me.


There was a gap in the market. 


I wonder if you can see the gap, what we call the invisible marketplace. Some people see it and some don't. I guess thats why we call it invisible.


Can you guess what we saw….


Anyway its late on a Thursday afternoon and I'm the only one left in the office. I’m going to catch the ferry to have dinner with my friend. So i’m not late you will have to wait to till the next email for me to explain this “invisible market” and the way we see this changing the world.


Till tomorrow 


Sarah "invisible" Stambolieff


PS: Some of you may be wondering where this is going, some of you are probably not even opening these emails.


But the truth is most people don't see opportunity in front of them. Just like I didn't that day at the soccer field. But it was my curiosity to investigate further that has led me to where I am today.


Tomorrow I want to paint a bigger picture so you can see what I see too.

PSS: (or for those of you who are impatient you can fast track the process and click the button below)