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sell photos anywhere, anytime

GeoSnapShot is the first platform that allows photographers to easily upload and sell their photos. There is no need to create a brand, build a website, answer customer support, or pay a monthly fee. We have a global community of over 3,500 photographers. We teach photographers how to find local events to start monetising their hobby.  However you can sell photos from anything you want. Just create an event and set a photo price.


break into sport events photography

We have found that amateur sport events are a great way to start selling your photos. Many local sporting events happen every weekend and many of these events have no organised photography coverage.  Event organisers love photographers attending their events and participants get a valuable memory of their achievements.



Through our platform we are able to work with and support large national sporting bodies. No matter what your skill level is we can help you connect with events in your local areaWe provide support to photographers who are willing to grow and expand their network.


how much does it cost?


GeoSnapShot is completely free to use. We only make money when you make money.  
We charge 30% for any photos sold and there are no joining fees or monthly fees. We also get paid photography jobs loaded on our platform where a set fee is negotiated. 



"GeoSnapShot really is perfect for me, with a new baby I was wanting to cut back on my workload but still attend the occasional events here and there. GeoSnapShot has given me the flexibility to work around my family when and wherever I want to.

They take away the hassles associated with attending events and selling your images online. I can use the site to search and book on to available events in my area or use the platform to upload images from my own events.

No longer do I have to worry about hosting my own website or creating a "shop front" site to upload my images to with GeoSnapShot I can simply shoot, upload and relax while they take care of the rest! I don't worry about creating specific customer orders or taking payments, they do it all for me which gives me more time with my family."

Amanda Hood GeoSnapShot Photographer.


"I had been looking for photography work in any format for a long time and eventually answered an advert for the Masters Games 2015 in Adelaide and since then I have developed at all levels in different areas ultimately setting up my own small business in conjunction with arranging events through Geosnapshot.

Convincing people that we offer a free service gets interest as well as raised eyebrows, but then I get my preverbal "foot in the door", from there I work hard to develop an on going relationship and have successfully done so with several organisations, and this has seen me become more outgoing as a person and creative as a photographer. Simply put, photography gets me out and about meeting people at various events and developing myself socially and professionally, something I didn't think I could do."

Colin Graham GeoSnapShot Photographer

I'm Craig from Craig Stevens Photography, based in Sydney's northern beaches. I am a Photographer who loves doing Event photography and a friend of mine put me onto GeoSnapShot to get a little more work as well as increase my skills in that arena.
For the past 12 months or so I have been doing some event photography for the GeoSnapShot site and its been an absolute pleasure dealing with Andy and the clients that he gathers together. 
If your looking to start shooting Professionally, or are just a hobbyist looking to make a few extra dollars, then I can highly recommend doing some of the weekend shoots for this site. You get to meet people, your outdoors, and your in a position to make a few extra dollars doing what you love using this particular platform. Get out there and join up, its worth the effort.
Craig Stevens GeoSnapShot Photography