Memories are valuable


So now I’ve set the stage for what we are not

You may now be asking yourself then who are we and how can we help you.


See we believe memories are valuable.

We also believe that people want memories of there lives.


Have you ever seen someone able to take a selfie on a horse...


Or what about taking a selfie as you cross the finish line of a marathon.....


Now do you think these types of moments are worth capturing? 


Do you think that people that have trained hard to achieve something want memories of there achievements….?


See the majority of sport events worldwide go uncovered. Sometimes you may have a photographer there. Like maybe one photographer trying to capture 1000 people.


Don’t get me wrong they do capture people. But being human we can only be at one place at one time (if only we were omnipresent).


You see what if there was a way to collaborate with others so instead of saying no to an opportunity you could say yes. Instead of only photographing what you can mange yourself you were able to obtain and cover large national events.


Instead of only being able to shoot in one place what if you could pursue opportunities anywhere in the world.


Now I've started this conversation with sports, but our vision is much bigger than that. 


So before you run ahead assuming what we are and what we are not this is a good time to think about your "what if" photography dream.


Because to make this journey worthwhile I need some investment from you. Something you want to pursue, something you want to achieve.  

-action without vision is only passing time.jpg

Sarah "vision" Stambolieff

PS: So you may now know a little more about us, but this is just scratching the surface.

The way I see it is that this is a ongoing conversation and it depends on me knowing more about you.

What your passionate about and what you want to achieve.

See I'm not about to tell you what you can do with our platform, I'm more about opening a door.