steps to success


1. join our community &
order your free promotional material

Our community of photographers are happy to answer any questions you may have about getting started. Networking with other photographers is one of the benefits of joining GeoSnapShot. Request a free high-vis GeoSnapShot vest from us so you can start attending local events and selling your photos.


2. find an event

We have a calendar of confirmed local events that you can attend. Photographers are accepted on a first in first serve basis. Spots are limited, so make sure you are quick when booking to attend. You can also attend your own events these are events you control and you can set your own price for these events.


3. take photos that sell

Follow our hot tips for taking photos that sell. We also have a learning center with all the information you need on getting started.


4. upload photos

Click on upload photos to create a new album. You can upload any photos you would like to sell. If you do attend an event with us its best to upload photos within 24hrs of the event to maximise sales.


sell your photos!

We work with event organizers to promote your photos to participants. Our best photographers make up to $1,000 per event, with an average of $183 per event. If you are new to event photography you should expect to be earning on the lower end of this range while you build up your reputation and confidence.