to cull, or not to cull? That is the question


oh the great culling debate


Post processing 


You have now entered a place full of opportunity. Making a commitment. 


This is where things will become interesting, this is where you start taking action and reaching out. Yes reaching out to people and letting them know you exist.


This is where you start 


For thoes of you who were paying attention. You may have remembered my saying not to underestimate the power of the organge vest.


So you may be asking yourself. What events should I pursue. What I would like to ask you is what types of events are you passionate about.


Teir one events


Find my first event.


Look this is where people can get stuck. But this is our chance to connect. Yes connect for real. I want to help you get this first opportunity. 


Where to look.


What to write.


Yes I can understand that this is a vulerable place











"Na this is not for me"


Sarah "no excuses" Stambolieff