photo tips

understand the sport

We have found that sports is a great way to start your photography journey. Local sport events are happening every weekend, normally without photography coverage. Help support these events and begin to earn by capturing precious memories of people's lives. 

Start by researching great photos that others have taken. Understand what participants are looking for in the photo. Look at previous GeoSnapShot uploads, Google images or other photographers for inspiration.

Ask the event organiser what photos he/she thinks people will love.

Technical tips



Be aware of the natural light if shooting outside. Take note of where the sun is and the shadows in the photo. Watch shadowing of the participants face.


high emotion

Look for moments of high emotion. After the goal is scored, starting lines, finish lines. Emotion and action bring energy to the shot.



Too much noise behind the focus could negatively impact the quality of your final image. Be careful to select a background that compliments the image.


capture everyone

Multiple exposures of people do sell. Be sure to take a photo of every person participating, even if they aren't a key player. Everyone wants a memory of their day.


fill the frame

Putting people front and centre of the frame is paramount to capturing a photo. Be close enough to the action that people can recognise themselves.


culling and uploading

Consider whether you would buy the photo you are uplaoding. Have a fast process for culling and uploading photos.
Your showing yourself, be proud of your photos.

help videos

Taking photos that sell:
Andy goes through the photos that people want to buy