the leap of faith


the road less travelled


You have now entered a place full of opportunity. And this platform will be what you make it for your life and photography.


This is where things will become interesting, this is where you start taking action and reaching out. Yes reaching out to people and letting them know you exist.


So to get started. You can choose one of three paths.


"Sarah I get what you have been saying I have an event I attend and want to start there."



"Sarah I love where you are going with this. But I need help finding my first opportunity. I'm willing to learn and follow the steps to learn how to fish."


Sarah I just don't have the time to learn how to fish, I happy to wait for the fish to come. For me this is just a side hobby.


What are you waiting for, there are three paths to pick from.

Path one you can create your first event, path two I help you get your first event, path three you can check out our site at your own leisure until an opportunity comes your way.


This is your choice, so choose wisely.